Switch Board Making Machine (2021) Small Investment

Machine or Business idea which you can do from your home, Using this method many people earning lots of money. You can also do this by using small investments. Small Investment, big & long time benefits.

How can we start this business?

This is a type of business in which you can earn huge profits in small investments. You can start it in minimum investment and easily earn Rs.2000-3000 daily. You can easily keep it at home and start it. The machine has very low noise. Means negligible sound. You can do it yourself and also can teach it to your wife. If the age of any child is above 15 years, you can also teach him. If you teach it to your wife then it will be like a bonus for you. Machine manufacturering company is working since 1986.

The most important thing about this machine is that it is made in India. It is made in our own country. In this machine no one any part are installed from foreign countries. The product which you will make from this machine can be sold easily in our own village or city. Its online market has also good demand. You can sell it online also. Also if there is any industrial area nearby, then it has a good market there. You can’t imagine that much profit this business has.

How to do the marketing?

I want to tell you about an amazing platform. It is “Dash101.com” You can start your online business here at zero cost. You have to just do registration through your mobile number give the name of your store, import photos of your product from your gallery, and display it on your online store. and can send to your customers. Customers can order online directly through this store. DASH101 provides a cash-on-delivery option. It helps you to deliver products to more than 27000 pin codes in India with the help of different shipping partners.

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It also gives a return policy to the customers. You get all these features at zero cost. The most important thing is that DASH101 never takes any commission for listing products or selling products. Everything is free of cost. You can go there and start your online business free of cost.

What is main work of this Machine?

Move towards our business idea. In this machine you can make different types of switchboards by cutting them into extensions and industrial switch boards. This type of wooden board is easily available in the market. We will provide such stencil which you have to keep here and do this type of marking. Once you do this type of drawing, then remove this screw and separate the plate. After the plate is removed, then the size of switch is exactly inserted in it. It will do the cutting of switch. But the speciality of this machine is, you can make socket by doing this three time.

Now you have to insert it in the machine. If you put it from the backside, then the finishing is quite good. Switch it on. We start it on after keeping it on marking. How easily the cutting was done. Now one more time cutting will be done for plug.

Which sheet or material is used?

You can call it phylum or mica sheet. In this you can easily cut mica sheet, plywood sheet and pvc sheet. This blade work for 1-1.5 years and after that you can edge your blade. You don’t have to buy new one. After 1-1.5 years the blades will be edged and again they will be ready for next 1.5 year.

What about the maintenance of this machine?

In routine maintenance, you just have to do oiling regularly. Except that, you have to not spend a single penny on it. You know that such switches and plugs are easily available in the market. You have to place this in oiling side. After that, tighten their screws.

Is this cutting size universal?

Yes. Every switch has its universal size. -80 out of 100 switches are of same size. 10-15% differs in size. If you want you can make separate die for it. 80% are of same size. This means, we can put the die and cut the size we require. We can make this socket in three times or you can make big die of it. If you want to start in low investment then start from switch die. As your business will grow, then you can buy this socket die or directly the big die with machine. Now our product is ready.

In this, if you wish, there is also board to close it from here. At many places, these types of boards are used depending upon the requirement of that local city. Board is ready to get sold out in the market. You know that in big industries and factories, there is requirement of big plated boards. You can also cut this according to your requirement.

Only technical people can do this business or non-technical can also do this?

In this whole process, there is no need of technical knowledge. Right The cutting is done by drawing on the board. You can easily do that. After that you have to do the wiring. It does not require technical knowledge. You have to pass wire through one hole. Once someone teaches you, you can do that. Once if you go to a wireman or an electrician and ask them which wire to put in and take out, then it is only a 10 minutes class. After learning that, you can make as many extension boards as you want.

What is its manufacturing cost? How much is the profit margin and how much can I earn?

If we talk about manufacturing cost then this switch will cost you Rs.5 and this plug will cost you Rs.7 in the market. So consider two switch & plug cost is 5×2=10 and 7×2=14, a total Rs.24 investment will be there. White board with this plate will cost you Rs.20-25. 25+24..Total making cost will be Rs.49 and if you make this board you can sell it easily up to rs.100-150. Because the life span of plastic extension boards is hardly 4-6 months. It gets burnt. Right For instance, switchboard get burned or socket get burned like that any incident can occur. As compared to that, these boards will easily go for 8-10 years.

You can sell it online and also mention its quality like you can note the brand of switch, mention gauge of cable and all other thing you can mention. You can mention sheet quality, you can’t even imagine the profit this line can give you.

What is the price of the machine?

You will get shocked after listening to the price of this machine. This machine will cost only Rs.30000 + GST. If you want more conversation then may you will get discount upto 5000. Some customers are electricians so they have motor which is placed upper on the machine. But if you want this motor also then it will cost Rs.4000 separately. If you want more details about switch board making machine. You Can contact here

For Machine Contact :-
Sun Acrylam PVT. LTD.
Ahmedabad , Gujrat.

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