(2021) Best 5 Business Ideas, Start With Zero Investment

5 Best business ideas. In 2021 you can start this business with zero investment and in which you earn lots of money. It could be possible that in these five in one of the business there would be your interest. Now we will go step by step and I am going to tell you about all the five business and let’s start.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing means that we recommend someone to purchase product or services from that we will get in some commission. People are purchasing from Amazon and Flipkart e-commerce website. This website runs affiliate program from that you can also get some commission & earn money.

For example, if there is iPhone 12 and people want to buy it. So why not you do iphone 12 marketing from that you get a commission. Not just about iPhone you can do affiliate Marketing of many products the all the products which are listed on Amazon & Flipkart you can do affiliate Marketing.

This is the first business ideas which you can start with zero investment. Now let’s talk about 2nd business idea.

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Insurance Advisory

Everyone needs insurance, people do their Health Insurance. They got Life Insurance by paying some amount. If you have bike and car then you already taken Insurance. Recently due to Corona pandemic, people were more aware about that. They are need Health Insurance also and life insurance because it is very important in now day’s. Nowdays it’s more demand for insurance that is why there would be more money. You can earn money by by just giving right advise to people.

You can make agent & you can guide, suggest them. Insurance company will give commission for this.

Digital Real Estate

In Real Estate, people purchase properties and sell them you would know this much happens in real estate. But I am going to tell you that most of the money is hidden in sale and purchase. See where the transaction is happening of money there is the person who is doing the transactions that is called a real estate advisor.

You can call him a broker, so the person who is taking the brokerage their your fortune is hidden see ultimately what matters in real estate. Search places where construction is going on or completed. Suppose we have the property near us. I will tell you where you would get the inventory. First talk with property seller. Tell him I will take a customer for your property by marketing your property by Digitally & You have to pay commission for me. Then decide the commission rate. Few people not allow to do this but some them may give a permission.

If you will do this business you can earn your brokerage in property there is a 1 to 2% of margin so there is 2% commission. If it is a 1 crore property than you can get 1,00,000 rupees and if Builder floor for flat then it is a 2% Commission for 1 crore than 2,00,000 rupees. Now there is 5 crore property also and 10 crore property also you have to understand & some patience.

How to find Customers?

It is very easy, you have to do post some photos and videos of property on digital platforms. So you can get customers. it is very easy you have already listing websites magic bricks housing.com you have 99acres many websites where you can list this on site. You can get lot of customers by using this method.

Network Marketing

In this business, you can take your product and promote it everywhere. you purchase a product for yourself if you like it then you promote it. Then what happens, you can make your team. So what you do when you make a team at multilevel you make a structure. That structure produces a turnover and you get a Commission on the turnover and that commission is passive income. so if you are not working then also are getting the money by only promoting.

After lockdown many people have lost their job. People finding a new way to make money & they are also finding alternative for income opportunity. Then you can help them. With the help of network marketing you can also start this business whose is need this.

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Digital Coaching

In Coaching there are coaches, trainers already in every industry if you talk about a small gym then there are also a person gives personal coaching. Personal training dance and yoga people teach yoga editing and photography people are so much talent in India other than that in education someone is teaching physics, chemistry, biology.

Kids are not coming schools and Institutions are shut down. People are not coming out of their house now all the thing is going digital.

if you take this coaching business digital then you can earn money definitely. If you charge 500 from a person and you have 20 kids so you on 10000 but here there is no limit in digital you can bring 1000 students for 10000 because there is no limit of learners. So how much you can scale your business just you can imagine are you understanding how much you can scale. It so you can do that, if you have good training material then you can.

Make your proper training program. You can put your program on free platforms, for example udemy, skillshare and there are so many platforms in which you can list your training program & earn lot of money.

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